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  • P1060004

    A Life Less Extraordinary

    One of my reasons for coming to India was a ridiculous desire for adventure. My complete dread of death is paralleled by a dread of living a life less than… well, a life less than. If I am not living, then I am wasting my […]

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  • blog14

    Monsoon Metaphor

    Indian literature is ripe with references to the Monsoon. It seems that every author who experiences the long months of drought followed by the gush of rain that falls in bucket loads for two months sees some allegory to life and its predicaments. Some see […]

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  • wp-fam

    Welcome to India: Why I Moved

    This will be the final Welcome to India post, as I have now been here two weeks and it is time to deal with living here rather than first impressions. But before I move to living here, I want to reflect on why I came. […]

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    Welcome to India: Part One

    I have tons of thoughts and ideas about my first few days in India, which I am parsing out over the next few days. Here is number one: The journey from Oxford (where I was taking classes for the summer) to Mussoorie, India took about […]

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