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  • blog14

    Monsoon Metaphor

    Indian literature is ripe with references to the Monsoon. It seems that every author who experiences the long months of drought followed by the gush of rain that falls in bucket loads for two months sees some allegory to life and its predicaments. Some see […]

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  • blogpic9

    My Indian Village

    Well, mine for the time being anyway. I live in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. And this is my tour. Woodstock is on a mountain above the town, so when visiting town, we typically walk down the mountain, along the long winding road, to Mussoorie city center. […]

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  • monkeyfs

    Welcome to India: Monkeys!!

    Monkey’s are mean, vile, disgusting creatures who would sooner throw poo at you than look at you and I love having them around. Now, I have yet to experience an actual monkey attack, and so my opinion could change after a brief encounter with a […]

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