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    Don’t Judge Me

    Last week had an odd theme, and a particularly unsettling one for my American bones. On three separate occasions, three totally unconnected people complained to me that the prestigious school I work for was going downhill. And the reason was simple, the school has started […]

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    Man Love

    In America, when I see a couple of guys walking down the street holding hands, it makes me happy. I am a big believer in love, and believe telling people who they can or can’t love is morally wrong. I vote for gay-friendly candidates, and […]

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  • chai

    Indian Recycling

    One of the most shocking things about India is the juxtaposition between the intense beauty of the landscape and the trash littering everything. And I mean everything. It is impossible to find a path of land not befouled in some way with refuse. Coke bottles, […]

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    Welcome to India: Here there by swastikas

    An eternity ago, when I was in high school, I bullied one of my best friends, Alon Weizer, into letting me read a creative writing assignment for his English class. The assignment was to write a story involving a catharsis, so Alon wrote a story […]

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    Welcome to India: On Making a Spectacle of Myself

    Let’s be honest. I am good at making a spectacle of myself. It is arguably my only actual talent. For as long as I can remember, I have been hiding my intense, occasionally crippling, shyness behind the facade of a person who enjoys making a […]

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  • autorickshaw

    Welcome to India: Honk, Honk, Honk

    There is no preparing you for driving in India. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a relaxing ride in the country compared to driving in India. I have driven in the UK before, and despite my wife’s claims to the contrary, I was successful. I can […]

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