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    Welcome to India: My First Scam

    Every guide book for India spends several opening pages detailing the scams that unscrupulous hucksters use to trick gullible tourists. The books make special note of taxi scams, shopping scams, money changing scams, and “tour guide” scams. Merideth tells the story of a taxi driver […]

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    Welcome to India: Here there by swastikas

    An eternity ago, when I was in high school, I bullied one of my best friends, Alon Weizer, into letting me read a creative writing assignment for his English class. The assignment was to write a story involving a catharsis, so Alon wrote a story […]

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  • monkeyfs

    Welcome to India: Monkeys!!

    Monkey’s are mean, vile, disgusting creatures who would sooner throw poo at you than look at you and I love having them around. Now, I have yet to experience an actual monkey attack, and so my opinion could change after a brief encounter with a […]

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  • wpfeatured

    Welcome to India: On Making a Spectacle of Myself

    Let’s be honest. I am good at making a spectacle of myself. It is arguably my only actual talent. For as long as I can remember, I have been hiding my intense, occasionally crippling, shyness behind the facade of a person who enjoys making a […]

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  • autorickshaw

    Welcome to India: Honk, Honk, Honk

    There is no preparing you for driving in India. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a relaxing ride in the country compared to driving in India. I have driven in the UK before, and despite my wife’s claims to the contrary, I was successful. I can […]

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    Welcome to India: Part One

    I have tons of thoughts and ideas about my first few days in India, which I am parsing out over the next few days. Here is number one: The journey from Oxford (where I was taking classes for the summer) to Mussoorie, India took about […]

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    Vacation Navigation

    The box we rented to stay in London is a bit on the wee side. 12×12, including the shower/kitchen area (yes, they are the same area) and the Murphy bed, which I have always wanted. And I wake up at 5 am, ready to go, […]

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  • Garage Sale

    A Comedy of Chaos

    It is 10:30 in the AM here in London, England, and the rest of my family remain fast asleep, despite the daylight streaming in through the one bay window in the room we have rented for the week. Some of this sleep can be blamed […]

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    Damn my mind

    Merideth has been unhappy at work. This is an understatement. While still liking kids, Merideth feels the administration of schools crushing her soul. I don’t like her soul being crushed, so I have been pressuring her to quit and pursue professional writing. There are many […]

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  • HBFAA5waGuf

    Professional Development Hell

    People who train teachers call us the worst students on earth.  And for the most part, this is true.  We snicker, whisper to each other, plan and surf the internet while these people attempt to tell us something they believe will help us.  The problem […]

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