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    Don’t Judge Me

    Last week had an odd theme, and a particularly unsettling one for my American bones. On three separate occasions, three totally unconnected people complained to me that the prestigious school I work for was going downhill. And the reason was simple, the school has started […]

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  • P1060004

    A Life Less Extraordinary

    One of my reasons for coming to India was a ridiculous desire for adventure. My complete dread of death is paralleled by a dread of living a life less than… well, a life less than. If I am not living, then I am wasting my […]

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  • A-Hindu-priest-celebrates-004

    Religion and Riots

    The family trip to Agra was postponed this weekend because of the possibility of rioting throughout Uttar Pradesh, the state where the Taj Mahal is located. The short story is that a patch of land, which now contains a Muslim mosque, is also claimed by […]

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  • blog15

    The Economic Mysteries of Trash

    For the past two weeks, my classroom joking and exuberant lectures have been complemented by chanting. Now, a lot of chanting happens in India. I have already discussed my enjoyment of the Islamic prayer chants that come through our window on quiet evenings, a calm […]

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  • blog14

    Monsoon Metaphor

    Indian literature is ripe with references to the Monsoon. It seems that every author who experiences the long months of drought followed by the gush of rain that falls in bucket loads for two months sees some allegory to life and its predicaments. Some see […]

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  • blog10

    Man Love

    In America, when I see a couple of guys walking down the street holding hands, it makes me happy. I am a big believer in love, and believe telling people who they can or can’t love is morally wrong. I vote for gay-friendly candidates, and […]

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  • blogpic9

    My Indian Village

    Well, mine for the time being anyway. I live in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. And this is my tour. Woodstock is on a mountain above the town, so when visiting town, we typically walk down the mountain, along the long winding road, to Mussoorie city center. […]

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  • chai

    Indian Recycling

    One of the most shocking things about India is the juxtaposition between the intense beauty of the landscape and the trash littering everything. And I mean everything. It is impossible to find a path of land not befouled in some way with refuse. Coke bottles, […]

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  • blogpic009

    The White Man Tax

    I have become fascinated with visiting Bhutan. A small country bordering India, China and Myanmar. This small country sets a “Tourist Tax” in an attempt to preserve the Buddhist culture of the nation. To enter Bhutan, you must pay $200 a day, a price set […]

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  • wp-fam

    Welcome to India: Why I Moved

    This will be the final Welcome to India post, as I have now been here two weeks and it is time to deal with living here rather than first impressions. But before I move to living here, I want to reflect on why I came. […]

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