Welcome to India: Part One

I have tons of thoughts and ideas about my first few days in India, which I am parsing out over the next few days. Here is number one:

The journey from Oxford (where I was taking classes for the summer) to Mussoorie, India took about 27 hours total. After completing it, I felt like I graduated to a higher degree of traveler.

The trip broke down like this:

Bus ride from Oxford to Heathrow Airport: 1 1/2 hours.
Checking in and sitting around Heathrow while trying not to have too many Guiness': 3 hours
Flight from Heathrow to New Delhi while staring into space and nodding off occasionally to the chagrin of the Indian fellow next to me: 8 hours
Luggage collection and anti-climatic walk through customs (after the visa saga): 30 minutes
Heart-stopping, thrill a minute taxi drive from the New Delhi airport to the New Delhi train station: 30 minutes
Hanging out in New Delhi Railway station, looking like an idiot sitting on the floor with three monster backpacks of crap: 4 hours
Hot train ride from New Delhi to Dehradun, seeing lots of beautiful country filled with lots of poverty-stricken people: 8 hours
Nighttime ride up a mountain on curving, one lane road in a speeding taxi: 1 hour
Walk up side of mountain carrying backpacks load of crap to get to my new house: 30 minutes

Disclaimer: The picture used here is not mine. I was too worried about taking my iPhone out to snap a picture myself…

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I moved to India. I mean, why the hell not, right?