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  • A-Hindu-priest-celebrates-004

    Religion and Riots

    The family trip to Agra was postponed this weekend because of the possibility of rioting throughout Uttar Pradesh, the state where the Taj Mahal is located. The short story is that a patch of land, which now contains a Muslim mosque, is also claimed by […]

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  • monkeyfs

    Welcome to India: Monkeys!!

    Monkey’s are mean, vile, disgusting creatures who would sooner throw poo at you than look at you and I love having them around. Now, I have yet to experience an actual monkey attack, and so my opinion could change after a brief encounter with a […]

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  • 36730_411346724236_629639236_4230644_7416419_n

    Vacation Navigation

    The box we rented to stay in London is a bit on the wee side. 12×12, including the shower/kitchen area (yes, they are the same area) and the Murphy bed, which I have always wanted. And I wake up at 5 am, ready to go, […]

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  • iphone 002

    Damn my mind

    Merideth has been unhappy at work. This is an understatement. While still liking kids, Merideth feels the administration of schools crushing her soul. I don’t like her soul being crushed, so I have been pressuring her to quit and pursue professional writing. There are many […]

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  • 04-a-new

    If we have to have a Public/Private Hybrid Health Care System, I have an idea

    OK, so the government takes over Primary Care, what an insurance company would call a Primary Care Physician.  This meas that the government role in Health Care is focused on Preventative medicine.  Private insurance would transition to providing care when and if a medical problem […]

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  • iphone 004

    Fun with Gavin

    Me:  Gavin, please focus on completing the project.  We are so close to done, I can taste it. Misses:  And it tastes good. Gavin:  Like stroganoff? Me:  Yes.  Victory tastes like stroganoff.

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  • 6293_1085850662588_1116046524_30197552_8277639_n


    Ok, my wife is trying to kill me. So, just in case something untoward happens over the next few weeks, you will know why. First, our week without children turns into a cleaning bonanza. Complete with trips to the dump, complete room rearrangements and a […]

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  • 6331_95479067862_510992862_1891912_4245318_n

    My wonderful son, who scares me

    (A quick note,: I often write to think, which makes my writing rambly, contradictory and circuitous. Why I have decided to make the writing public, I am not sure. But I suspect that it is the not-so-dormant actor in me that must turn everything meaningful […]

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  • Testing embedding with Merlin and I’s current favorite song

    Testing embedding with Merlin and I’s current favorite song

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  • I think I am going to start blogging again

    I think I am going to start blogging again

    I miss blogging, which makes little sense as it is so easy to do, why not just do it. But this has become a recurring theme in my life. You want something, why not just do it? I am still wrestling with this question, but […]

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